I’ve just went and changed the theme for this blog so I think it should be more easier to read the comics now?

Because this theme allows me to format the comics how I want it now, I think I’ll be moving all the chapters of Summer Vacation to post format instead of the putting them on the pages like how I’ve done before. So…early sorry for the incoming spam that’s about to come! >.<

Also I’m sorry for saying that I had time to release chapters about a month ago when I didn’t…. orz

However worry not!! I should be posting a chapter in a few hours!!

This comic won’t have a set schedule like before, instead I’ll be posting them as I finish them and have them proofread :>


Hello everyone.

I’m sorry we’ve been inactive lately >A<

School has been ridiculously busy lately and I have a lot of commitments I’ve got to have done before I work on the comics here.

I have no intention of dropping these comics whatsoever, so don’t worry about them never being translated!

Hopefully I’ll find some time to work on them soon, but for now, thank you everyone for being so patient. I’m really happy when I see that people enjoy the comics!


And so we’re done with Multi Train - 7th Car! Yayy ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

The next comic we’ll be translating is actually a continuation of it! Touko and Touya will once again be the main characters in the next comic called “Pokemon Sunset”!

However, due to exams and such we’ll be taking a month break…For now please enjoy some previews under the cut!

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